The software package that is currently under development can be used as R library.

The package available from GitHub Releases


LogFSM can only be used on 64-bit operating systems.


To install the package, a R script is provided that can be sourced in the following way:


This will trigger the download of the latest stable release from github and install the required dependencies using the remotes package.

Note that pandoc must be available on the system to install LogFSM.

Previous Packages

Older versions of LogFSM can be installed using the remote package. Download the R package from the release section of

Be sure to either use the appropriate version for your operating system (macOS, Windows or Linux) or use the package version that supports all operating systems (no OS name in the file name). Unpack the ZIP archive and enter the path to the unpacked file LogFSM_{Version} in the following script:



Date Location / Occasion Material
2016-09-08 FDZ Autumn Academy 2016 link
2019-08-30 FDZ Autumn Academy 2019 link
2020-06-19 Beyond-Results Workshop, Online link

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